This process is to authenticate the purchase of a product by the end user.

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Currently a lot of companies are losing money through cloning brands or piracy of their product. The companies have been unable to prevent counterfeiting of their products and the buyers cannot authenticate purchase, as they often need to accept a product by appearance without making sure that real manufacturer made the product that offer and making a purchase from a fake.

This process consist to create a code through mathematical algorithm for insert into the product directly from its constitution labeling which will be decoded by a process created to interpret visual algorithm. This technology creates a fingerprint for each product by performing a encoded and decoded leading insurance and applicable to all types of manufacturing that requires authentication of brand.



 Applications and Examples in Product Manufacturing

In Manufacturing Textiles

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These products often are cloned and the buyer of these non has a way to authenticate its originality. Using this method brand authentication, helps the manufacturer may use its current labeling by this technology, which provides a label containing the specific characteristics of the producer and stitched in the garment with a specific code according to visual request of the client, for example (letters, symbols, logos in one dimension, etc.).

For identify the authenticity of the product and complement the method of check, it is necessary to collocate another external label manufactured with the characteristics of the decoder. Also, this could serve as a label promotional product, after that customers have the two elements in the product (code and decoder visual) should only make the reading of brand authentication and customer may be sure your purchase.






In Footwear Manufacturing

file taking from application is very similar to the use of textiles and according to customer demand, could offer auto tag adhesive that contains the code to verify and offer an insert of decoder visual for only make the reading of brand authentication and customer may be sure your purchase.




Liquor Products

image takinf from these products are for human consumption, this method is a validator that may determine the authentication of the product using the same technology. The application is a little more specific to buy more, since the buyer obtaining final once product decoder, you can save it and will serve for further authentication and shall ensure that the product is provided by the same manufacturer.